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Official home of the Mod Lite STARS

Official home of the Mod Lite STARS

Official home of the Mod Lite STARSOfficial home of the Mod Lite STARS

guidelines based in safety and equal competition

Our Mission

Modified Lite STARS, LLC serves as the leading national sanctioning body for the Modified Lite racing class.  Representing more than 475 race teams throughout North America and Canada, the STARS organization strives to implement initiatives to achieve operational excellence by promoting Series’ programs, administrative assistance and providing experienced personal to sanctioned speedways.  In its 12th year of operation, the Bilstein Modified Lite STARS International Championship Tour has gained widespread acceptance with its standardized rules and driver focused sponsorship program.


The Modified Lite STARS Racing Series, LLC was established to give motorcycle-powered modified lite/DWARF race cars, a chance to compete with one another for a higher purse structure and for a point fund for the scheduled events.  Having competed at many of the major dirt tracks in the North East Region since 1994 running under the banner of the Pennsylvania Modified Lite Racing Association, the organization grew over a period of 26-years to the nationality level when the Series was renamed in 2006 forming the Modified Lite STARS International Championship Tour.

In 2006 the Modified Lite STAR's Championship Tour was formed to provide drivers the opportunity to compete at a regional and national level known as the STARS North (Canada region) and STARS South (Ohio/PA/WV Region).  The Modified Lite STARS Tour continue to show growth into the 2011 season with support from Bilstein of America and the addition of the STARS East (Delaware region) and STARS North East (New York) joining the Modified Lite International program making the STARS program the leading sanctioning body for modified lite racing.

The Modified Lite STARS Racing Series, LLC represents an aggressively growing segment of motor sports racing and is recognized as the leading modified lite racing sanctioning body across the United States and Canada.  From 1994 with locale drivers in western PA raced racing 20 annual weekly events, the series has grown to 422 weekly and national events in 2018, with more than 489 drivers competing for weekly and national points.

1994 – 2006: Competed in the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and West Virginia 

2006:  Modified Lite STAR’s Championship Tour was formed with two regions

2011:  33 events  2 national events 14 Sanction Tracks  5 Regions

2012:  50 events  3 national events 28 Sanction Tracks 12 Regions

2013:  60+ events  4 national events 32 Sanction Tracks  12 Regions

2014:  110+ events  5 national events 37 Sanction Tracks  12 Regions

2015:  320+ events  8 national events 37+ Sanction Tracks  12 Regions

2016:  400+ events  9 national events 45+ Sanction Tracks  14 Regions

2017:  365+ events  9 national events 55+ Sanction Tracks  14 Regions

2018: 422+ events 9 nationals events 54+ Sanction Tracks 15 Region